What is advanced metering?

GEUS’ advanced metering utilizes the airways to capture meter readings daily instead of manually reading meters once each month.  

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1. What is advanced metering?
2. What is an advanced metering grid?
3. How will advanced meters benefit me?
4. How will an advanced meter grid benefit me?
5. Why do we need advanced meters or an advanced meter grid now?
6. What kind of choices do advanced meters offer me?
7. Who is paying for the advanced meters and advanced metering grid technology?
8. When will I receive my advanced meter?
9. Will I be notified before and/or after my advanced meter is installed?
10. How will I receive my advanced meter?
11. Who will install my advanced meter?
12. Will power be interrupted during my advanced meter installation?
13. What can I expect when my advanced meter is installed?
14. If I need help after my advanced meter is installed, who can assist me?
15. Where can I learn more about getting the most benefit from my advanced meter?
16. How will my advanced meter differ from my ‘old’ meter?
17. How can I tell if my meter is an advanced meter?
18. Will my bill look different after my advanced meter is installed and in use?
19. Will my advanced meter make my energy bills higher?
20. Will my advanced meter reflect my energy bills accurately?
21. Who will have access to my energy use information and data?
22. Does automatic meter reading eliminate jobs?