Summer Readiness

  • Conservation will be important this summer, especially on days with increased temperatures.
  • Make plans now for how you will conserve and save!

What is ERCOT, where does GEUS fit in?

  • The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is the electric power grid operator for 85% of the state of Texas.
  • GEUS does own generation locally but we are also members of ERCOT.
    • Having local generation and a diverse power portfolio protects GEUS from high market prices.
    • Being a member of ERCOT allows GEUS to buy and sell electricity to ensure the lowest cost possible for our customers.
  • GEUS is committed to assisting the rest of the state in the case of an emergency.

Why is this important for me to know?

  • As a Community-Owned Public Power Utility, it is always our goal to keep the community informed, engaged and involved.
  • Lower-than-normal reserves combined with increased growth and electrical usage, creates the potential for rotating outages.
  • As always, GEUS is preparing throughout the utility to be ready to serve.

Download ERCOT's app or visit their website for information and notifications about grid conditions. 

Electric Reliability Council of Texas (

Sign up for Texas Advisory and Notification System (TXANS) - A Communications tool that delivers clear and reliable information on ERCOT grid conditions.