Summer 2021 - What is GEUS Doing?

What is GEUS doing?

  • We have ensured that we have adequate coverage in our power portfolio to insulate the utility from high market prices.
  • Power Plant employees are inspecting, calibrating and making repairs on our generating units to ensure they are ready to run.
  • Operators are reviewing emergency procedures and critical load lists.
  • GEUS staff attended the ERCOT Communicators meeting to get tips on communicating with our customers and how ERCOT will communicate with GEUS and the public. It is our goal to keep you informed as much as possible.
  • GEUS is working with large commercial customers to prepare them and additional ways that we can partner together to reduce consumption during high temperature days when the demand is greater.

As always, we are prepared to handle this summer and we will continue to work hard to ensure that you have the best service possible.