Create a WishList Search

Know what you like, but not sure if or when it's on? Create a WishList search. You can search on actor, keyword, or category. Better yet, you can tell the search what sorts of results to include. Select the "Auto-Record" option, and every time a show matching your criteria airs, it will be recorded.

Creating a WishList Search

  1. From TiVo Central, select one of the following:
    • Select "Find Shows."
    • Select "WishList saved searches"
    • Select "Create a WishList Search."
  2. Next, enter as many of the following criteria as you like:
    • Keyword or Title: With a Keyword search, the TiVo service looks for your keywords in the show or episode title, description, actor, director, year, and category information. A Title search looks only at show and episode titles.
    • Spell your keyword(s) using the arrow buttons on your remote to move around the grid; then press Select to enter a letter. When you're finished, move to "Finished creating keywords," then press Select.
    • Actor or Director: Spell the last name using the arrow buttons on your remote to move around the grid; then press Select to enter a letter. As you select letters, a list of names appears to the right of the grid. When you see the person's name, move to the list. Use the Up/Down arrows to highlight the name you want, then press Select.
    • Category: Choose a category and, if desired, a subcategory.
  3. Use either Thumbs buttons on your remote control to get even better results:
    • Press Select to edit a term, then press a Thumb button once to exclude it from your search (adds a minus sign). Press again to make the term optional in your search (puts it in parentheses). Press three times to remove the modifiers and make the term required for your search. For example, your WishList search might include:
    • Title Keyword: Actor: George Clooney-ER This search will find all appearances of George Clooney except for those in the series ER.
  4. Select "Done Creating WishList" when you're finished entering terms.
  5. Use the confirmation screen to:
    • View upcoming episodes: See a list of all shows airing in the next two weeks that match your WishList search criteria.
    • Auto-record WishList programs: Automatically record any shows matching your Wishlist search criteria. The TiVo service will continue auto-recording matching shows until you tell it to stop.
    • Edit or delete WishList.