Primary Voltage & Time-of-Use Options

Primary Voltage Option

  • Available to any consumer for electric service supplied at one point of delivery through one meter
  • Not for breakdown, standby or resale service
  • Three phase service, 250 kW or greater
  • Consumer furnishes all step-down transformers and protective devices
  • Consumer solely responsible for ownership, maintenance and replacement of facilities beyond GEUS's primary metering point
  • Multiple service and metering points may be obtained upon request and by agreement of GEUS
  • The General Service Demand Rate is discounted by 2% for this option.

Time-of-Use Option

  • Available to consumers that can establish a lower demand during weekdays than on weekends
  • Also beneficial when a lower demand can be established between 2 and 6 p.m. each week day (Monday - Friday) excluding July 4th and Labor Day associated with the 5 summer billing months of June to October
  • Special metering records the demand only between 2 and 6 p.m. weekdays for the purpose of determining the billing demand
  • An additional consumer charge of $2.50 per month per meter is charged.
  • GEUS reserves the right to limit the availability or to discontinue this option if, in GEUS' judgment, system load or cost characteristics no longer warrant such option.