Prepaid Electric Service

NOTICE: This program is currently NOT available to new customers as we transition to new technology. We will update you as soon as the new option is available.

"Pay as You Go" Electric Service

With GEUS’ emPOWER self-managed electronic metering system, you buy electricity on your schedule, whenever you wish.

emPOWER Self-Managed Electronic Metering Logo

emPOWER allows you to manage your budget by purchasing electricity when you need it.

What Are The Advantages of emPOWER?

  • Allows you to see your home's electric usage on a daily basis.
  • Lower or no deposits required.
  • Does not charge late fees or disconnect fees.
  • Never receive another monthly electric bill.
  • Eliminate high bills by purchasing electricity daily, weekly, or monthly.

Any residential GEUS customer is eligible for pre-paid emPOWER service (except those registered as a Medical Emergency customer).

To use the service, add any dollar amount you choose. You then swipe the card in the unit at your home supplied by GEUS to turn on your electricity. A display on the unit allows you to keep track of how much credit is left on your meter. You can add money to your card at anytime.

A Great New Way to Manage Your Power meter

You can add more credit to the meter at either the GEUS Customer Service Center or at the following local convenience stores:

  • Greenville Food Mart - 5207 Wesley
  • Mr. J’s - 4220 Lee Street
  • Prime Stop - 4414 Wesley Street

emPOWER revaluing tips

  • Bring your emPOWER card with you to revalue. The minimum revalue amount is $5.00 with a maximum purchase of $300. CIU has a maximum limit of $1,000. Additional emPOWER cards can be purchased for $7.50.
  • You must insert your emPOWER card into your Customer Information Unit (CIU) Display to download the energy credit that you purchased.
  • Keep an extra emPOWER card as an emergency card. Keep credit on your spare card to avoid running out of power at an inconvenient time.
  • Caution: Emergency credit stored on your spare card is active for 6 months from purchase. If your card expires before you use this credit, return to GEUS to reinstate the credit on your spare card.
  • emPOWER Users Guide (PDF)
  • emPOWER Terms and Conditions (PDF)