Board of Trustees

GEUS Board of Trustees Responsibilities

Members of the GEUS Board of Trustees are appointed by the City Council to represent the public for Greenville’s consumer-owned electric, cable TV and Internet utility. 

On May 7, 1988, the citizens of Greenville voted to approve the separation of the management of the electric utility from City Administration by amending the City Charter to create a separate, fully-autonomous Electric Utility Board. Ordinance 89-158, passed on August 8, 1989 by the Greenville City Council, delegated to the Board all of the City’s authority to establish rates and charges for the use of the system’s facilities, exercise the power of eminent domain and authorize the issuance of obligations necessary to maintain or improve the System.

Regular Meetings

  • 6 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of Every Month
  • GEUS Operations Center
    6000 Joe Ramsey Boulevard
    Greenville, TX 75402

Board meetings are open to the public. Greenville citizens are encouraged to attend.

Board Members

Glover George
Greg Chesney
Sue Ann Harting
Victor Gore
Board Member, Karen Bates
Mayor, Jerry Ransom

Past Chairs

  • Barry Gluck 2019 - 2021
  • Michael E. Taylor 2015 - 2018
  • David Dreiling 2012-2014
  • Don Bolin 2010-2011
  • Sue Ann Harting 2004-2009
  • Michael E. Taylor 2002-2003
  • Renee Shelton 2001
  • William N. Thomas - Deceased 2000
  • Michael E. Taylor 1999
  • Robert L. Woodson 1996-1998
  • Renee Shelton 1995 Charter Member
  • John Reynolds 1994 Charter Member - Deceased 2020
  • Donald W. McBride 1988-1993 Charter Member

Past Board Members

  • Dennisha Denney
  • Alan Atkins
  • Bobby Stovall
  • Holly Gotcher
  • William C. Smith
  • James Adams
  • Richard Bays
  • Randy Hall
  • Tom Johnson - Charter Member
  • Bill F. Morgan - Charter Member - Deceased
  • J. Earl Morse
  • Dwain K. Phillips
  • Jerry J. Ransom
  • Bill Rapp
  • Carmel Saenz - Deceased
  • Howard Winans

Study Committee of 1987

On February 10, 1987, the City Council appointed a committee of community leaders, known as the Utility Study Committee, to study the advisability of creating a separate public utility board.  The board was designed to be representative of all the ratepayers:

  • Robert McLaughlin
  • Joe Skillern
  • Hubert Lytle
  • John Henson
  • Bill McAlpine
  • Renee Shelton
  • Bob Brown
  • William Rapp
  • Bob Weeks
  • John Reynolds
  • Fred Buehring