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GEUS Renewable Energy Project


The sun’s radiant energy is absorbed by (1) Solar Photovoltaic Cells and is converted to the electricity. When the sun is shining, the Solar Photovoltaic Cells produce a stream of (2) Direct Current (DC) electricity. An (3) Inverter changes the DC electricity to (4) Alternating Current (AC) electricity that is used to power your school. The (5) Electric Meter keeps track of the electric energy produced.

Solar Photovoltaic Cells

Solar Photovoltaic Cells convert the sun’s radiant energy into electricity. "Photo” refers to light and “voltaic” is energy. Individual cells are packaged into modules. The modules are wired together to form arrays.

Direct Current Disconnect Switch The Direct Current Disconnect Switch allows professional electricians to disconnect the solar array from the other parts of the photovoltaic system. When the switch is in the "off" position, workers can safely perform maintenance on the inverter.



The inverter converts direct current (DC) electricity generated by the array into alternating current (AC) electricity that powers the school building.

Alternating Current Disconnect Switch

The Alternating Current Disconnect Switch allows GEUS linemen to disconnect the solar photovoltaic system to perform maintenance on the utility lines safely.
Electric Meter

The Electric Meter keeps track of the electric energy produced.

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Illustrations by David L. Shackelford