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Only OnePass can turn your DVR into the ultimate binge box.

Find every episode—no matter where it happens to be.

With TiVo OnePass, there’s virtually no show or episode you can’t start enjoying in a moment’s notice. That’s because only TiVo tracks down every episode of a show you want to watch and saves it for whenever you’re ready. If it is not available on TV, TiVo fills in the gaps with episodes from your on-demand library (if available) and streaming services like Vudu. Then OnePass organizes it all into a customizable playlist for your viewing pleasure. So when you’re ready to binge, TiVo has it all cued up for you.

Season Pass is now OnePass!

We have dramatically improved our Season Pass technology and now call it OnePass. But don't worry, you’re not going to lose all your recordings. Your Season Pass recordings will be automatically converted to “recordings only” OnePasses. Where did my Season Pass recordings go? Once your Season Pass recordings are converted to “recordings only” OnePasses, you can modify them to include streaming episodes as well.

Build a collection of streaming movies in a single folder.

Found that perfect movie from a streaming video provider but don’t have time to watch it? Now when you create a OnePass for streaming movies, a folder will automatically be created in My Shows so you can watch them at anytime.

Manage your OnePass.

Just like Season Pass, you can modify, prioritize and delete your OnePasses using OnePass Manager. OnePass Manager can be found on your DVR by pressing the silver TiVo button and the “1” button on your remote, through the TiVo app or on

OnePass Manager

Take complete control of your OnePass options with OnePass Manager. Manage your scheduled OnePasses and delete current OnePasses that no longer interest you. You can even rank your OnePasses so that your favorites appear first.

Helpful tips and tricks.

Here are tips and tricks to help you enjoy your OnePass experience and manage your entertainment.

  • OnePass gives you access to all video providers (i.e. Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime) as a source for getting every episode of your favorite shows. If you don’t want to see options from video providers you do not subscribe to, scroll to the bottom of TiVo Central and select “Settings & Messages”. Then go to “Settings", select “Channels" and then click on “Video Providers”. From there you can select or remove video providers.
  • OnePass default number of recordings is 25. This is very important to remember when you transfer Season Passes to the new box so that you can reduce or increase the number of recordings.
  • We have icons for everything. When you do not see an icon next to a show in the “All Episodes" view, that means the show was deleted from your “My Episodes” view.
  • A progress bar appears when you’ve started watching a recorded show from your OnePass, then disappears when you’ve watched the entire show.
  • To get to "My Shows" quickly, simply hit the silver TiVo button twice. will be recorded, even if there is a scheduling conflict.

Transferring your OnePasses between TiVo DVRs.

Use Season Pass Manager to transfer your OnePasses between TiVo DVRs at

All TiVo Roamio and Premiere DVRs will have the OnePass feature. Earlier TiVo models will continue to have Season Passes. Review the chart to see how OnePasses/Season Passes will be transferred between your TiVo DVRs.

Please note: OnePass is not available through standard definition/classic TiVo menus. You must update to our high definition menu to enjoy OnePass. To change your menus, go to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Displays > Choose TiVo Menus > TiVo with HD Menus (Wide screen).


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OnePass™ FAQ

One Pass Setup:

How do I create a OnePass?
For new users, select a show you want to watch and select the “Create a OnePass” option. Shows can be selected from various places, including search results and from the guide. If you would like to change the options for your OnePass, click on “Options.” Previous users will find that creating a OnePass is very similar to setting up a Season Pass recording.

Where can I set up a OnePass?

You can set up a OnePass on your TiVo Roamio, TiVo Premiere or from the TiVo mobile app. All updates will automatically be applied to the other devices.

How do I adjust my OnePass to work like a Season Pass?
You can choose not to use the OnePass functionality by not creating one at all. If you are a former Season Pass user, then, you can set OnePass to “recordings only” and use just like a Season Pass if you prefer.

What is OnePass Manager?

OnePass Manager allows you to manage all of your OnePasses in one place. If you are concerned about something not being recorded because too many shows are scheduled to record at the same time, prioritize your OnePasses. In the OnePass Manager use the up and down arrows so that your top OnePass choices are recorded first if there is a scheduling conflict. You can delete a OnePass from this list as well. You can modify options on all of your OnePasses from here.

How do I customize my OnePass settings for all programming?

Simply go into Settings, choose Recordings & OnePass and set the default options.

How do I select only the video providers that I use (for example, Vudu)?

Go into the “Recordings & Settings” option. Select “Settings” and choose “video providers.” Once you can view the list of streaming video providers, you can select or deselect video providers to customize a list.

How do I create a OnePass for new episodes and a OnePass for reruns?

You cannot create more than a single OnePass for a show. In order to create a similar experience, you can do the following: Modify your Onepass to a “recordings and streaming” and “new episodes only”. This allows you to watch new season recordings and old seasons in streaming.

OnePass Technology Basics:


What is OnePass?
OnePass is a new TiVo DVR feature that enables the user to organize their favorite shows by season in a My Shows folder and pulls the content from all available sources, including TV, on demand, and streaming from providers like Vudu.

What is the difference between "recording" and "streaming"?
Recordings are shows you record from TV, which will take up your DVR disk space; streaming videos come from online content providers like Vudu, which will not use disk space. When you select a streaming video in My Shows, choose the app (e.g. Vudu) you want to watch from, and your TiVo DVR will launch the app and take you directly to the content you chose.

Is OnePass available in high-definition (HD) menus, standard definition (SD) menus, or both?

OnePass is available in high-definition menus only

Can I record shows only on HD channels?

No. You can watch shows in SD as well. In the OnePass option screen, selecting “All channels” for the “Channels” option and “Always” for the “Get in HD” option will record the TV show on the available HD channels only. Select “If possible” or “Never” for the “Get in HD” option to record the TV show to include SD shows.

How do I delete shows in my OnePass show folder?
You can select any show—whether streaming or recording—and select “Delete.” You can still find and watch those previously deleted streaming videos in the “All episodes” view.

When a new season becomes available in a series OnePass, how is the user notified?

A “New” icon on the folder will appear, similar to the Season Pass experience.

What is the default view of OnePass?
The default view is by the date the content became available.

OnePass Features Management:

How do I sort shows in my OnePass?

Use the B button on your TiVo remote to sort and organize your episodes by season, date recorded or from newest to oldest in each OnePass folder. Just press the B button and you’ll see the order change. Select the view that’s right for you.

How do I sort and view what is available in each OnePass?
The C button controls your view of which seasons are available to you for a show in your My Shows list. There are three views:

  • My episodes view: This view is your personal playlist—including both recordings and streaming videos—and reflects how you chose to set up your OnePass. You can delete episodes from this view. For best results, delete an episode (recording or streaming video) after you watch it to keep your future viewing options simplified.
  • All episodes view: See all the episodes of a TV show from the first to the last season. Sometimes “all episodes view” will even display episodes airing in the future or not yet available from streaming apps.
  • Recordings view: See all the recordings available in your OnePass. WishList and TiVo Suggestions recordings for the same TV show will also show up here.

How do I delete shows in my OnePass show folder?

Simply, select the episode in your My Shows folder and select delete.

Why do I still see an empty folder for the OnePass that I deleted?

Once you delete all the episodes in a TV Show folder, it may take up to 24 hours for the folder to disappear. During that time, you may find an empty folder in My Shows.

Should I expect to see duplicated recordings in My Shows?
TiVo will not record the same episode twice when TiVo has correct data for a TV show. However, some TV shows (e.g. ABC World News Now, Fox News Special) only provide data on the whole series not on each episode 1, as a result TiVo can’t identify whether the two episodes on two different channels are the same or not.
If you find duplicated recordings in a folder, your OnePass is set to record on All Channels; you can modify the OnePass option to record on a specific channel.

Please note that the OnePass will retain the viewing option that you select until you change it.

How do I know the last episode that I watched in a season?
OnePass recalls exactly where you ended in a recorded show. When you return to that OnePass folder, the last recorded episode viewed will be highlighted in yellow and have a progress bar. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off.

When you have finished watching a recording, does it show a completed progress bar?

No. The actual progress bar goes away when you have completed watching the recording.

OnePass Streaming:

Are Vudu shows downloaded to my DVR, and will they take up disk space?

The content is not downloaded to the DVR but saved in your My Shows folder with a streaming icon. Streaming episodes will not use up any disk space on your DVR. Instead, your DVR will stream content directly from VUDU.

How can OnePass help me if my disk space is close to full?

OnePass finds and organizes TV recordings and streaming options for a show in one place. Take advantage of your streaming videos options to minimize usage of your DVR’s disk space.

Can I save an individual show or movie to my OnePass?
You can save a standalone streaming movie, a single streaming episode and a single season directly into your My Shows list, but not an individual recording.

How do I add a streaming movie or episode from Vudu to My Shows?
Search for your streaming movie title, and select the movie. You can either select “Watch now” or “Add this streaming video” to save it to a folder for streaming videos, which will automatically appear in your My Shows list if the movie is currently available. Streaming movies appear in a “Streaming Movies” folder in the My Shows list or in the Movies category of My Shows.

What happens when a streaming movie that was unavailable becomes available?

The streaming movie will move from the Currently Not Available folder to the Streaming Movies folder.

What happens if my streaming movie is not available yet?
OnePass will save your streaming video to a Currently Not Available folder in My Shows until it does become available.

How does my DVR handle the paid content in OnePass?
While creating a OnePass, the OnePass Option screen gives the user the option to select “Include” or “Don’t Include” to the “rent or buy,” which will allow you to choose whether a OnePass includes transactional episodes (episodes needing additional payment to watch).

For example, if you choose “include” to the “rent or buy” option for the “Big Bang Theory” OnePass, then the “Big Bang Theory” folder in My Shows will include any available transactional episodes in the default view. You will not be charged when the transactional episodes are displaying in My Shows. You will only be charged when you rent or buy a season/episode/movie in the streaming applications.

Do I have to pay for the streaming shows?

TiVo will not bill you for the viewing of streaming shows. Any billing associated with streaming content will be determined by any contracts or agreements you have established with the video providers separately.

Existing Season Pass Users:

How is OnePass different from my Season Pass?

Season Pass allows you to save all current and future recordings of a show in a My Shows folder. OnePass allows you to save all your current and future recordings as well as links to streaming content in a My Shows folder. In addition, OnePass organizes all your shows by starting with any season of your choosing.

How do I adjust my OnePass to work like a Season Pass?
You can choose not to use the OnePass functionality by not creating one at all. If you are a former Season Pass user, then, you can set OnePass to “recordings only” and use just like a Season Pass if you prefer.

Will my Season Pass recordings go away?
No. All your Season Passes on your Premiere or Roamio DVR will be converted to a “recordings only” OnePass. Your priority list order will be maintained within the transition. You will find your recordings in My Shows sorted by date (the same experience as Season Pass). You need to modify the OnePass options to include “streaming videos” if you also want to find available streaming videos for the same TV show.

Will I have to set up all my Season Pass recordings again?

No. You will not have to set up all your Season Pass recordings again because they will automatically be converted to “recordings only” OnePasses. If you have multiple Season Pass recordings for one show, they will be consolidated into a single folder.

What will happen if I have two or more Season Pass recordings for the same show (i.e. the NFL) on different channels?
Your two Season Pass recordings will be combined into a single OnePass, which will record the show on all channels. If your two Season Pass recordings were set up with different options, the new single OnePass will use the options of the higher priority Season Pass.

If you worry that recording on all channels will take up your disk space too quickly, then you can change the option to record “new episode only” and watch the old episodes from streaming applications (e.g. Vudu).

Do I need to update my Season Pass settings?

You do not need to update your settings if you want to save only recordings. Now that you have OnePass, you will have the option of modifying options, which includes adding streaming shows, selecting the starting season, and rent or buy options. Please note that the default number of recordings is now 25 and not 10, as it was for Season Pass.

Can I schedule my shows like I did with my Season Pass?

Yes. You can schedule your shows the same way you did with Season Pass except now you can select any season—new or old—to start from and include streaming episodes from video providers, like Vudu.