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Net Neutrality



We at GEUS Cable and Internet owned by the Citizens of Greenville have always been committed to our customers/neighbors and their equal open access to the Internet within the bounds of the law. Our commitment extends to the privacy of our customers and protection of their personal information unless confronted by a validated request by a legal entity. In compliance of the FCC Net Neutrality order the following information outlines our current policies and operating parameters, so you the customer can make a quality decision regarding your choice of Internet providers.

Jim Tyler
Cable and Internet Manager

Net Neutrality - Summary

On December 21, 2010, the FCC adopted an Order imposing “Open Internet” or “Net Neutrality” rules on wireline broadband providers (“Open Internet Order”).

Specifically, the FCC adopted three “high-level” rules: transparency, no blocking, and no unreasonable discrimination. The “no blocking” and “no unreasonable discrimination” rules are to be applied consistent with the principle of “reasonable network” management.” According to the FCC, the new rules are designed to “preserve the Internet as an open platform enabling consumer choice, freedom of expression, end-user control, competition, and the freedom to innovate without permission.”


The Net Neutrality requires broadband providers to disclose the network practices, performance characteristics and terms and conditions of their broadband service.

Network Management Practices:

GEUS has chosen not to refuse any type of lawful network traffic. GEUS supports quality of service for voice over Internet protocol. In the interest of reasonable network management, during periods of extremely high traffic (80% of total maximum system traffic) a weighting factor is added to peer to peer traffic, not to stop or redirect such traffic but to slow it without rendering it unusable to allow all customers to pursue their own Internet experience.


Performance Characteristics


1. GEUS supplies Internet by a shared hybrid fiber coax network and our service packages are described using Caps by maximum upload and download speeds in mbps. GEUS has designed and manage the system making every effort to deliver advertised speeds but these performance numbers can and will vary with a number of factors to include but not limited to:

  • GEUS network data network traffic congestion.
  • Customer network congestion
  • Congestion outside the GEUS network at a backbone level or website level.

2. Service Descriptions:


3. System Speed performance: we have tested our sites using during the peak times between 7pm and 11pm and report the following results for the week of November 18, 2011. Using a laptop connected wired and or wirelessly to the GEUS network.

  • Address 1: Residential Service

  • Address 2: Residential Service


  • Address 3

  • Address 4


Links to independent web sites that can track our system performance.


Acceptable Use Policy


Terms of Service






The FCC has in place a process for customers to bring potential formal or informal complaints regarding open Internet violations to the Commission via a formal or informal complaint. This process is described at