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GEUS Medical Emergency Policy

A customer may request that a medical emergency tagged electric meter be installed if the customer or any person residing at the service location has a medical condition that requires electricity to operate medical equipment.

In order to qualify for a medical emergency meter, the customer must present to the GEUS Office, a signed doctor’s certificate showing the patient’s name, date of birth, address, medical condition and medical reason requiring continuous electric service. Customer will be asked to furnish an updated certificate annually in order to remain eligible for the medical emergency status.

The customer is required to keep all GEUS bills paid current.

Each time a customer seeks to avoid disconnection of service, the customer must accomplish all of the following by the stated date of disconnection:

  • (A) the person's attending physician shall (the term "physician" shall mean any public health official, including medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and any other similar public health official) call or contact the electric utility by the stated date of disconnection;

  • (B) the person's attending physician shall submit a written statement to the electric utility; and

  • (C) the customer shall enter into a deferred payment plan.

The prohibition against service termination shall last 63 days from the issuance of the electric utility bill or a shorter period agreed upon by the electric utility and the customer or physician. If disconnected for non payment, service will not be restored or initiated at another location until the full outstanding balance is paid in full.