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High Speed Internet

High speed Internet connection service is available locally through your municipally-owned utility. Consumers in virtually all areas of Greenville can go online with GEUS.

How fast is it? Your GEUS connection downloads at up to 10 megabits per second and uploads at up to 2 megabits per second.

Call 903.457.2800 to subscribe to GEUS high speed Internet service or print the service application below and bring it to the GEUS Customer Service Center, 2810 Wesley St.

Printable applications utility service


Note: GEUS does not support PCs using Windows 95 or Windows 98


GEUS high speed Internet service offers several benefits for our consumer-owners:

    • not-for-profit pricing
    • average service speed of 10 Mbps
    • GEUS Wi-Fi Hotspots around the community at no additional cost to subscribers
    • convenient customer service locations with drive-thru windows
    • combined billing for cable TV, Internet access, water, sewer, garbage & electric services
    • infrastructure for economic development
    • consumer dollars stay in the local community
    • spam protection for email accounts
    • GEUS Supports Net Neutrality

The future is fiber optic connections.

A hybrid fiber optics and coaxial cable (HFC) network provides state of the art advanced communications infrastructure for cable TV and Internet access.


Information for new subscribers

If you experience problems with your Internet service, you can reach technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1.866.467.9794. We have also added a chat line to answer general questions regarding your internet experience.

Or visit for additional information.


Need more information? Visit our frequently asked questions about high speed Internet page. We have also added a chat line to answer general questions regarding your internet experience.

Reminder: Check your computer regularly to make sure it is virus and worm free.


GEUS FCC filings