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High Speed Internet Rates



With GEUS high speed cable access you will fly down the Internet superhighway with access speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. Plus GEUS Wi-Fi Hotspots around the community at no additional cost to subscribers.


Residential High-Speed Internet Packages

Number of Devices
Download Speeds*
Upload Speeds*
(Best for light use of facebook, checking emails and web surfing)
1-2 devices at the same time
Up to 5
Up to 1 MBPS

(best for basic basic internet use for social media, checking email and watching YouTube videos)

1-2 devices at the same time
Up to 10 MBPS
Up to 1 MBPS
(Best for a reliable experience to stream content and /or make fast downloads. Also best for streaming movies on Netflix)
2-3 devices at the same time
Up to 20 MBPS
Up to 2 MBPS
(Best for streaming movies on netflix and Hulu. Great for online gaming on any gaming system)
3-5 devices at the same time
Up to 50 MBPS
Up to 5 MBPS
(The ultimate package for uploading large file, enjoy online gaming and streaming multiple HD videos simultaneously)
6-10 devices at the same time
Up to 100 MBPS
Up to 10 MBPS
*Speeds may vary and not guaranteed


Customer providing their own modem will receive a $7.00/month discount
but a DOCSIS 3.0 modem is required.


Commercial Internet Rates

Swift Service

Light web browsing

Checking emails


Speeds up to 10/3 MBPS
downloads/upload speed unlimited
Quick Service

Moderate web browsing

Frequent emails

Speeds up to 20/5 MBPS
downloads/upload speed unlimited
Rapid Service

Online transaction processing

File sharing

Speeds up to 30/6 MBPS
downloads/upload speed unlimited
Express Service

Video conference calling

Performing complex online tasks

Speeds up to 60/8 MBPS
downloads/upload speed unlimited
Top Fuel Service

Heavy internet usage

Emailing very large files

Streaming video

Speeds up to 100/10 MBPS
downloads/upload speed unlimited

These rates are for end users and not intended
for resale.

Modem provided, if needed.
Installation charge of $200 waived with commitment to one year service.

*Speeds may vary and not guaranteed

Notes: All of the above services are shared bandwidth services. The indicated speeds are maximum capabilities - not guaranteed - and will vary based on time of day, other data traffic, and number of customers connected.

The Fiber Direct service is provided via fiber optics and has the advantage of greater upstream speed capability. Fiber Direct service is not susceptible to interference from RF noise (which occurs occasionally on coaxial cable facilities) and is isolated from local modem data traffic.

GEUS can also provide dedicated (not shared) bandwidth service at desired speeds via fiber optics. Competitive rates provided upon request.


Combo Pack Special

Order Digital Cable and High Speed Cable Internet

$5.00/Month Off