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High Definition TV and DVR on GEUS Cable

GEUS Cable Television brings you the best in TV programming at a price you can afford. GEUS now offers High Definition TV with Digital Video Recording (DVR).

Check the TV listings for your favorite channel line-up now available in HDTV.

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GEUS offers the TiVo® Premiere Q DVR which is the most advanced and innovative DVR ever developed.

HDTV - it's the next generation of TV viewing!

Advantages of HDTV

High definition viewing has several advantages over traditional TV:

  • Clarity: The digital signal is noise-free for a crystal clear image

  • Sharpness. The HDTV picture is much sharper than standard television. The highest resolution HDTV format offers approximately 2 million pixels compared to analog TV's ½ million pixels. More pixels create sharper images.

  • Wide-screen format. Traditional TVs use a 4 by 3 aspect ratio. The screen is 4 units wide by 3 units high. Movies use a much wider picture, which leads to cropping (losing the sides of the picture) when you view a movie on TV. HDTV uses a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, making a wider picture. There is less cropping so you see more of the movie!

  • Digital sound. HDTV's digital audio sounds better than a standard TV's sound, just like digital CDs sound better than tapes and radio. All HDTV programs use Dolby Digital sound, the same sound used on DVDs. This format transmits two to six channels of audio (depending on the program). With these soundtracks driving 6 speakers, you can create a movie theater experience right at home.



Check the listings below for your favorite channel line-up.

Learn more about HDTV

These links provide information from the FCC about what to look for when purchasing a High Definition TV set.


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