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How is our electric power produced in Greenville?


Take a virtual tour of the GEUS electric generation process.

Power plant exterior in North Greenville

Electricity for local use is generated at GEUS' steam generating plant in Greenville. At times, excess power produced by the plant is sold to other cities or to other utilities within ERCOT.


At the plant, huge boilers heat water to produce steam. The high-pressure steam runs turbines. As the turbines rotate, they drive the generators that produce electricity. This process converts heat energy to mechanical energy to electrical energy.



Steam boilers produce steam with temperatures up to 950 degrees under as much as 1300 pounds of pressure. Natural gas usually fuels the boilers, but fuel oil can also be used when necessary, providing uninterrupted service when natural gas is in short supply.


High-pressure steam from the boilers turns the turbines at a speed of 3600 rpm. The rotating turbines drive the AC generators to produce electrical power.

Control room


The control room is the "nerve center" of the power plant. At least one operator is on duty at all times to monitor the controls for the plant's boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment and to provide dispatching for after hours distribution service calls.


Transformer substation

The lines, substations, and transformers, of the GEUS distribution system send electricity from the plant throughout the city to light homes, power manufacturing, run street lights, and provide power for all the city's residential and business needs.


Greenville Steam Plant Gibbons Creek Plant