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How is our electric power produced at Gibbons Creek Power Plant?

Gibbons Creek Power Plant in Grimes County
Much of the electricity Greenville uses is supplied by the coal-fired Gibbons Creek Power Plant in Grimes County. The plant is operated by the four member cities of Texas Municipal Power Agency (TMPA), Greenville, Denton, Garland, and Bryan. GEUS also generates power at the local steam plant.

Take a virtual tour of the TMPA electric generation process.

Coal fires the Gibbons Creek Plant

Low sulfur coal is shipped by train from Wyoming to supply the energy for electric power generation.

At the plant, huge boilers heat water to produce steam. The high-pressure steam runs turbines. As the turbines rotate, they drive the generators that produce electricity. This process converts heat energy to mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Steam boilers

Coal-fired steam boilers produce steam with temperatures up to 950 degrees
under as much as 1300 pounds of pressure.

Turbines generate electricity

High-pressure steam from the boilers turns the turbines at a speed of 3600 rpm. The rotating turbines drive the AC generators to produce electrical power.
Transformer substation



The lines, substations, and transformers of the TMPA distribution system send electricity from the plant to the 4 member cities to power manufacturing, run street lights, and provide power for the citys' residential and business needs.



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