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Neighborhood Distribution and Reliability


Reliability of service is a top priority for GEUS. Our distribution system has built-in backups to ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted service.

In the event of a mishap that knocks out power in a large area, distribution is re-routed around the problem to restore power as soon as possible.

Click on the car below to see what happens when a car hits a utility pole.
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Step down transformers, each serving 1 to 10 houses, reduce the 12,500 volts carried through power lines to a usable 120/240 volts to power your lights and appliances.

Occasionally a transformer stops working due to mechanical failure. Usually, though, the transformer breaks down as the result of a short caused by a bird or squirrel, accompanied by a loud "pop" at the utility pole.

GEUS crews replace transformers, equipping them with squirrel/bird guards, as soon as possible after an outage report comes in.

To report a power outage 24 hours a day call (903) 457-2888.