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Electricity: Benefits of our Municipal Utility

GEUS helpssupport economic development in Greenville

Greenville's municipally-owned electric utility provides a number of advantages for city residents including:

  • Competitive rates - GEUS' not-for-profit status offers very competitive electrical rates.
  • Convenient locations - Drive-up windows at two locations for your convenience
  • Local control - Your utility dollars stay in Greenville where they benefit local residents instead of out-of-state stockholders. Your neighbors serve on our board to set GEUS rates and policies.
  • Reliability - The GEUS system provides power to consumers more than 99.98% of the time. Our experienced local crews respond to any outages immediately to restore your power fast.
  • Ease of billing - Your GEUS electric bill is included with your City of Greenville utility bill. You can pay online.
  • Consumer savings - GEUS pays the City of Greenville more than $2 million annually. Part of this payment covers our cost for joint services shared by the City and GEUS. Shared services (meter reading, billing, personnel, insurance) results in lower electric rates and lower taxes.
  • Economic development - GEUS annually transfers $300,000 to the Greenville Board of Development to attract new commercial and residential development.

Drive-thru customer service

Convenient drive-thru customer service window at 2810 Wesley Street