The next EVOlution in GEUS cable is here!

GEUS' all digital, all HD (high definition) system is now available to every household in Greenville.

We provide 2 wallet-size EVO digital boxes free of charge. You can attach it to the back of your TV or set it on top – no more bulky box.

Virtually all of the GEUS channels will be HD. No TV upgrade will be necessary – the EVO box will work with your existing TV. (For the best picture quality, you will need an HD ready TV set, but even without an HD TV, your picture will improve with the EVO box.)


About the EVO box

The EVO box provides better viewing quality and a more energy-efficient, all digital system.

  • No Internet access is required to operate the EVO box.
  • A parental control system allows you to restrict viewing of certain channels if you wish.
  • The box supports Closed-Captioning and Emergency Alerts.
  • Provides faster Channel changing.
  • Has full 1080i HDMI (High Definition) support
  • You will also receive a new remote for each of the EVO boxes that will work with any TV.

Who gets the new box?

Every GEUS Cable subscriber will receive 2 free EVO boxes. If you have more than two TV sets, extra boxes are available at $1.99 each/month.

That means every TV in your house will receive all of the channels you subscribe to, including music and premium channels. After January 1, 2014 virtually all of those channels will be high definition. (Even if you don't have an HD TV set, your picture will be better with the new EVO box.)

Subscribers with TiVo DVR service (no Motorola box) will also receive 2 free EVO boxes. Now you will be able to receive all of the HD channels in your subscription on additional TV sets in your home. (You will still be able to record and play back shows on the TV sets attached to your TiVo units.)

Each EVO package includes:

  • The wallet-size EVO digital box
  • Velcro for attaching to the back of your TV set, if you wish to do so
  • HDMI and a coaxial cable for connecting the box to your TV
  • Power cord
  • Remote control (batteries included) that works with the box and any TV
  • Printed installation instructions

How do you get your free EVO boxes?

  • We will mail the boxes to subscribers, node by node. You will have the option of installing them yourself with the easy instructions included in the package, or you may schedule a visit from a GEUS service technician for the installation. If you would like GEUS technician to install you EVO box free of charge, call 903-457-2800 to make an appointment.

    The technician will collect your Motorola box or, if you install the EVO yourself, you will need to drop off the Motorola box at our service center at 2810 Wesley Street.
  • If you don't want to wait for the mailed boxes, you can bring your Motorola box to our service center and trade for your two free EVO boxes. You can install them yourself or schedule installation.

Return the Motorola box

IMPORTANT! You must return your Motorola box to GEUS! Do not throw the box away. IF YOU DON'T RETURN IT TO GEUS, YOU WILL BE BILLED $250, THE COST OF THE BOX.


Installation information

To help with installation, the EVO package includes written instructions. You may also print them from these links:

You may also view two videos below – one showing the installation procedure and one showing how to use the new remote control.

More Featuresclick for remote guide

  • Universal DTA Compliant
  • Simultaneous Analog and Digital Output
  • Small and Compact Industrial Design
  • RF Universal Remote Control Support
  • Easily installed behind the TV
  • Supports FastRTVTM Channel Change Technology
  • Supports Closed-Captioning and Emergency Alert
  • MoCA Rejection
  • Dual Color LED

Instructional Video - Setting up your GEUS EVO Box



Connecting your EVO box to your television

Programming your EVO Remote




Call 903.457.2800 to subscribe to GEUS Cable TV service or print the service application below and bring it to our GEUS Service Center at 2810 Wesley Street

Printable applications for utility service

Residential Service Application

Commercial Service Application

Aplicación para Servicios de Utilidad

(These are .pdf files that require Adobe Acrobat reader. Click here for your free Acrobat Reader)

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