Packages & Rates

With GEUS high speed cable access you will fly down the Internet superhighway with access speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (MBPS). There are also GEUS Wi-Fi Hot Spots around the community at no additional cost to subscribers.
  1. Residential Packages
  2. Commercial Packages

Residential High-Speed Internet Packages

Customer providing their own modem will receive a $7.00 per month discount but a DOCSIS 3.0 modem is required.
Packages Description
Number of Devices
Price Download Speeds*
Upload Speeds*
Copper Best for light use of Facebook, checking emails and web surfing
1 - 2 devices at the same time
$14.95 Up to 5 Mbps
Up to 1 Mbp
Bronze Best for basic internet use for social media, checking email and watching YouTube videos
1 - 2 devices at the same time
$24.95 Up to 10 Mbps
Up to 1 Mbp
Silver Best for a reliable experience to stream content and / or make fast downloads. Also best for streaming Netflix
2 - 3 devices at the same time
$41.95 Up to 20 Mbps
Up to 2 Mbps
Gold Best for streaming Netflix and Hulu. Great for online gaming on any gaming system
3 - 5 devices at the same time
$61.95 Up to 50 Mbps
Up to 5 Mbps
Platinum The ultimate package for uploading large files, online gaming and streaming multiple HD videos simultaneously
6 - 10 devices at the same time
Up to 100 Mbps
Up to 10 Mbps

*Speeds may vary and not guaranteed.