Packages & Rates

We know you want the fastest Internet possible at the most economical monthly rate. GEUS is proud to announce the completion of a major upgrade to your community-owned fiber network. Our competitive-priced Internet comes to you at speeds never before seen in Greenville with the same GEUS customer service and reliability you've come to trust.

These new packages and rates will be available January 1, 2020!

*Internet speeds are based on wired connection and actual speeds may vary.

  1. Residential Packages
  2. Commercial Packages

Residential Internet Packages

Packages Description

Price Download Speeds*
Upload Speeds*
GEUS 10 - Casual Internet Use
- Social Media
- Email

$29.95 Up to 10 Mbps
Up to 3 Mbps
GEUS 250 - Streaming
- Working from Home
- Basic Smart Home Devices

$52.95 Up to 250 Mbps
Up to 15 Mbps
GEUS 450                                 - Use multiple devices at once 
    without sacrificing speed.
- Advanced applications
- Maximum online gaming 

$89.95 Up to 450 Mbps
Up to 25 Mbps

FREE Modem

NO Contracts

UNLIMITED Internet, NO Data Caps


LOCAL Professional Support

Technical Requirements for customers who wish to provide their own equipment:

Modem Requirements

  • DOCIS 3.0 and greater
  • minimum 8 downstreams and 4 upstreams

Router and Router/Modem Combo Requirements

  • DOCIS 3.0 and greater
  • 2 channel options, 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz antennas